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Wigs by Rodolfo Valentin, the wigs expert of New York City and Long Island NY. Rodolfo Valentin is the designer of the first wigs for cancer patients and wigs for beauty, fashion and hair loss. People searching for the best wigs, best wigs for women the are available at the best wigs NYC salons of Rodolfo Valentin.

Human Hair Wigs for Women are the exclusive product of Rodolfo Valentin for customers that are convinced of having the finest quality in all hair products that we offer! We are the favorite custom made and handmade wig makers in the world. Rodolfo Valentin Human Hair Wigs for Women are the only wigs product available in the industry that warrants to look and feel stunning in addition to tremendously comfy, with an endless variety of hair colors tailored by the winners of the hair colorists’ award group and styles obtainable to suit every single palate and event.

Like no other wig makers in the trade, Rodolfo Valentin very well appreciates just how exactly crucial a woman’s hair is to her as it is also more frequently happening with men. Rodolfo Valentin has been the responsible of doing custom made wigs for celebrities from the past thirty five years in South America, North America or Europe where he learned unique hair pieces assembling techniques.

In addition to wigs or hair pieces, Rodolfo Valentin hair embellishments line is comprised by the premium collection of hair accessories to help women or men to permanently look their best. The hair accessories with hair line includes in addition to the Rodolfo Valentin hair extensions great lengths ponytails, ponytails for long hair, hair pins, top hair pieces, hair prosthesis, plus all kind of imaginable hair accessories made from virgin hair free of chemicals.

Rodolfo Valentin hair products with hair collection are available at the Rodolfo Valentin salons situated in New York City, New York, at the privacy of the Hair Boutique also in NYC, Manhattan or at the award winner Long Island Beauty Center in Long Island NY.
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One response to “All About Wigs

  1. Silvita

    August 20, 2011 at 5:04 pm

    full laced lace wigs from Rodolfo Valentin are the only solution I found for hair loss. Thanks Rodolfo


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