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About Rodolfo Valentin

Hair colorist, winner of the hair coloring techniques award, winner of Best of Citysearch, named by NYC hair guide as top hair colorist also the winners of the Top Hair Colorists award.

” NY One New Yorker of the Week” is Named Celebrity Hair Stylist Rodolfo Valentin

Managing a severe well-being matter is an extremely difficult mission but the latest New Yorker of the Week is doing his chunk to help easiness some of the agony for several women in need.

He was studying to become a surgeon, but instead, Rodolfo Valentin of the Upper East Side gave up on medical school, but not his desire to make people feel better.

“After a year of studying to turn into a surgeon, Rodolfo Valentin from the Upper East Side in New York City stop going to the medical school, but he did not stopped from his willing of making people feel and looks better.

For Rodolfo Valentin, hair is not just a matter around high styling. Supporting his mother fight against breast cancer, he observed its control to heal.
As soon as the chemotherapy treatments started his mom hair vanished. The oncologist promised her that her breast will be reconstructed but for her the worst disfigurement was her hair…

Rodolfo rushed up to make a wig for his mother. Back then, the elements to create a good wig was very restricted, specially the base material. For the hair color he used tea and the hair was tightened to a mesh cap.

His mother was very pleased and was then when she asked to Rodolfo a promise that he should hold as long as he lives: it was to help others in similar situations. That world is held in reserve and currently he is donating wigs for cancer patients and hair prosthetics to women with medical conditions like the one showing in this video about Rodolfo Valentin being named “New Yorker of the Week”


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As seen in CBS News about Rodolfo Valentin 1000 cancer wigs donation to achieve 1000 smiles from cancer patients. Following his legacy of promising to his mother Sofia, a cancer patient, to help other people suffering hair loss due to chemotherapy, Rodolfo Valentin has donated 1000 cancer wigs to the Hewlett House 1 in 9. The organization name derivates in the fact that 1 in 9 women are developing breast cancer in Long Island NY area. People can contact the Hewlett House 1 in 9 for cancer wigs at 516-374-3190. The organization is located in Hewlett NY.

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Rodolfo Valentin Announces a Donation of One Thousand Hair Prosthesis Cancer Wigs

Hair prosthesis cancer wigs donation october month breast cancer awareness

Rodolfo Valentin Hair Prosthesis Cancer Wigs

For this October breast cancer awareness month, Rodolfo Valentin is not going to cure cancer, but at least will make sufferers of this devastating sickness, undergoing hair loss to take it in a soother way by contributing with one thousand hair prosthesis for the “HEWLETT HOUSE 1 in 9”. This is an organization whose name is resultant from the study done in 1990. This investigation has exposed that the chances of developing breast cancer for a woman living on Long Island were one in nine. At present time this record has changed to one in eight; and to one in seven in some areas of Suffolk County in Long Island NY.

In addition to his foundation, Sofia’s Hair for Health created in memory of his own mother whose struggle with cancer and subsequent hair loss from chemotherapy, has inspired Rodolfo Valentin to design the first hair prosthesis in the world. This October breast cancer awareness month, Rodolfo Valentin is not going to cure cancer, but at least will make sufferers of this devastating disease experiencing hair loss to go through it easier, by donating hair prosthesis. These are truly cancer wigs and will provide complimentary hair prosthesis to individuals who have suffered hair loss due to chemotherapy.

After doing an extensive research, Rodolfo Valentin has concluded that the Hewlett House is the deserving beneficiary to the hair prosthesis donation. This organization is committed to helping people avoid the profound isolation, despair and fear often felt by people with cancer.
When an individual misses one’s hair due to cancer, they often sense they have lost their identity and their self-confidence that develops in depressed moods. Isn’t it pleasant to know that you can help battle those feelings of despair?
That’s why contributing with hair prosthesis for cancer sufferers is so satisfying. It doesn’t just provide them hair – it offers them assurance. Donating hair prosthesis to create a natural look will also allow patients to go on with their lives without making a statement of being sick to the rest of the world.

Each hair prosthesis donation is delivered with a certificate of $ 200 value to customize it that includes shampoo, cut and style, which regular cost is $ 250. As a result the beneficiary only will paid $ 50.-
The date is Monday October 31, 2011 at the Rodolfo Valentin (Long Island Salon) – 137 Cedarhurst Avenue – Cedarhurst – NY 11516 at 12 noon.

Hair Prosthesis Cancer Wigs


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Perfect Wigs for Precise Hair Face Shape by the Wig Expert

To catch the perfect wigs for a specific hair face shape, might leave the person discouraged, mixed up and inquiring: How do I pick the perfect wigs for my hair face shape? Discovering the perfect wigs for a determinate hair face shape is a meticulous skill since there are numerous issues to take into attention like the length, the texture that can be curly, wavy or straight, the wig hair style that is based in the haircut that could be with bangs or layers, which is very important since it must be keep in mind that once the haircut is done it cannot be reversed, the hair of a wig does not grow back!

hair face shape

hair for face shapes

Nevertheless the wig expert, Rodolfo Valentin based in New York City and Long Island NY, have established that the finest wig to exactly fit a explicit hair face shape will be one that emphasizes the best facial types while assisting to disguise the unsatisfactory features.
The major plus utmost imperative stage says the wig expert, is defining the silhouette of the appearance. This will benefit to reduce the amount of decisions making it easier to resolve when it arises to style, length, color, etc. Although not all faces will drop into just one class, the outcome of the type that is best suitable to the recipient will demonstrate to be the greatest.

Rodolfo Valentin, the wig expert remarks that the perfect wigs for hair face shape like heart must have a layered hair style with fullness at the bottom; an oval face that is thin and long must go for hair volume that can be achieved with wavy or curly hair.
A round shape face must escape from bangs that are falling straight and go for longer hairstyles that are adjacent to the face to provide length.

Full Laced Wigs
Wig Expert in New York City
Wigs Long Island NY


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Cancer teenager gets a Rodolfo Valentin hair loss replacement product

Teenage cancer patients are who suffers most the awful hair loss due to chemotherapy.

A cancer tennager of name Stephanie White was awarded by the designer of the first wigs for cancer patients Rodolfo Valentin with a hair loss replacement product for her birthday. Sixteen candles was the name of the MTV program that showed her amazing birthday party.

The MTV reality show, which characteristically chronicles the party-planning exploits of America’s most over thrilled youngsters, offered this special episode about this cancer-victim teen that have received a full head of tresses from Rodolfo Valentin.

This lymphoma patient lost virtually all of her hair due to chemotherapy and asked to the MTV series producers to help re-establish her long graceful hair. The producers realized the capability of celebrity hair stylist Rodolfo Valentin who restored the hair of the birthday girl with a combination of products including his famous hair infusion additions and a fusion hair piece for a total natural result product. “My super sweet 16″ was celebrated at Manhattan’s cavernous Roseland Ballroom.  
See Video

cancer teenager
teenage cancer

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Are my wigs and hairpieces suffering from alopecia?, get the answers from the Best wigs for women at the best wigs NYC Salons

Best wigs – Best wigs for women – Best wigs NYC

Cheap things are not good and good things are not cheap, The sour taste of poor quality will outlast the sweetness of the low cost!
People are always attracted for what is cheap and quality is almost forgotten all the time. It is important to shop for quality research first when shopping for best wigs.
Initially looking at the price or putting the cost of the product as the first choice to decide for the best wigs and hairpieces to buy, is something that for a smart shopper comes later and generally a clever shopper will use the price between different items only as comparison after some of the top quality products have already been selected.
For certain, buying best wigs and hairpieces is not as simple as it seems….There are hundreds of offers in the wigs and hairpiece market and also hundreds of different qualities. Whatever you search in the internet for wigs and hairpieces, hundreds of results popup, enough to make anybody dizzy!.
The internet is bombarded with wigs and hairpiece suggestions.
Most of those wigs and hairpieces are done in Asia, using Chinese hair that if it is kept in its original state could be good, even if it is a little thick and coarse. Most of the wigs and hairpieces made in Asia will be ” non remy hair”. Remy hair is the natural condition of the hair as it grows from the scalp. Asian factories to avoid their wigs and hairpieces to tangle up are using chemicals to “kill” the natural cuticles of the hair. The reason why they seal with chemicals the natural cuticles of the hair is because they do not hold the hair roots with roots and ends with ends. In the hair collection process the hair is throughout in containers where the roots mix with the ends and as a result the cuticles running in opposite directions make the hair tangle by the friction. If there are no cuticles, then there is no tangle which sound great. BUT, the hair without cuticles is considered “dead hair”. Hair without cuticles cannot be handled as a natural human hair. Hair without cuticles will not take color changes, and the hair in this state is colored artificially.
The second ,a huge condition of a low price wig or hair piece is the way that hair is attached to its base, Most of the time by machines and occasionally by hand. But it does not make any difference, so the shopper should not get excited with the phrase: “made by hand”. It can be handmade but without using the French knotting technique. the wigs and hairpieces will eventually suffer from “alopecia”!.
French knotting is a method of attaching the hair to the base by hand using a double knotting technique to ensure that the hair will be forever attached to its base. This is a lengthy process that no machine can replace and only an expert human been can do it. It takes from a few weeks for a hairpiece depending on the size and from 8 to 10 weeks for a full hair wig. As anybody can visualize, there is no way of having a wig or hairpiece product that has followed these strict rules for a few hundred dollars!
Rodolfo Valentin famous hair wigs and hairpieces are using the old school following the rules of only using top quality remy human hair. Rodolfo Valentin famous hair wigs and hairpieces uses hair that is selected mostly from European countries and South America. Hair is hold in a pure “remy” and virgin state from the instant that it is cut from the donators and in that state the hair is attached to its base using the French knotting method. Rodolfo Valentin worldwide famous hair wigs and hairpieces allows hair color changes, hair texture changes and any other services responding as any other natural human hair will. Without any doubt about it, these are the world’s best wigs and hairpieces if the consumer is shopping for quality and not for price.

Wigs, best wigs, best wigs for women, best wigs NYC,

Wigs, best wigs, best wigs for women, best wigs NYC,

Best wigs NYC
Hair wigs
Lace Wigs


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Simply the best wigs in the world!

The fame of Rodolfo Valentin wigs that are custom made and handmade in their premises by expert technicians is been known all around the country. With the few custom made wigs makers available in the industry, Rodolfo Valentin wigs are showing its high quality that only custom made and handmade wigs can provide.


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WIGS, The Ultimate Style Tests!

Most people, only after hearing the word, “wig” experience a slight panic as these tools are usually brought up only when speaking of unfortunate issues such as alopecia areata, chemotherapy, baldness, etc.  Many times after harmful treatments and multiple color processes the hair becomes damaged beyond repair and women look for wigs to hide their natural hair during the re-growth process.

Wigs, the ultimate style

Wigs, the ultimate style

With wigs you can change your hair style, your hair color and your total look without  the frightening obligation of going permanent.

 Aside from the more practical reasons, Wigs have become more and more popular as the “put on and go” method is sweeping the streets of New York and strutting its way down the red carpets.  Many celebrities have looked towards artificial hair to add more diversity to their trend-setting looks.  Instead of cutting it all off and sporting a new permanent look, many are opting for the shortcut to fabulous!

 Wigs are also a huge favorite on television and film sets as they eliminate much of the styling and coloring costs because the hair is always set and ready to go.  These pieces are a fun alternative to spice one’s look, cover a bad-hair day, or simply because of its beauty and unbelievable grace.  Wigs are now replacing home-grown hair!  For the most natural looking pieces, one must be sure that they are purchasing 100% human hair; complete with hairline, a natural texture 7 tone.

 Deciding on a wig can be very exciting, especially when deciding over full-blown makeover or a permanent replica of one’s already natural look.  Many times women look to alter their look instead of transforming — leading them to purchase partial wigs.  Having the option of a partial wig is very useful especially for women who are in the in-between stages of hair loss, experiencing thinning of their hair, or already have naturally fine strands.  These pieces are fantastic to add volume to a dull look.

 Shiny hair with much body is making a comeback with a vengeance only this time it comes complete with hairpieces and wigs!!

Rodolfo Valentin famous hair wigs

Rodolfo Valentin Hair Boutique

Full lace wigs by Rodolfo Valentin


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